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Part Time Office Coordinator 

Apply By Sending A Resume to

Job Description

Position: Office Coordinator

Reports to: Lead Pastor

General Job Description:

● Workspecific office hours as agreed upon by Leadership
● Have general knowledge of and experience using Microsoft Office- especially Word, Outlook and Excel
● Answerphone and check messages-return or pass on as necessary
● Checkmail and emails-ensure mail and emails get to proper person
● Codebills and take to CPA-Pick up cut checks, get signatures then put in mail
● Record tithe in Breeze and make deposits
● Takebenevolence requests
● ManageOneCall and MailChimp
● Maintain Church Roster
● Handle Postage and church mailings
● Order office supplies as needed
● Keepevents on the church calendar (i.e.:special events, breakfasts, business meetings, church reservations, etc.)
● Responsible for distribution of change cards to members that are making purchases on behalf of the church
● Support the staff and church leaders with office duty requests
● Direct house renters to Trustee’s or deacons with any questions or issues
● Attend finance committee meetings
● Update quarterly report
● Sendflash drive to CPA for Quickbook backup
● CheckCPAreports for accuracy
● Restock Coffee
● Responsibilities of church clerk (since we do not have one currently)
● Attend monthly staff meetings outside of office hours


● Answerphone and take messages- return phone calls or pass on messages
● SortMail
● Check email
● Record Tithe in Breeze
● Watchmail for rent payments and deposit into Building Fund
● Print Sunday giving report and online giving for the week
● Print Transfer online giving report to CPA
● Deposit checks and cash to proper bank account
● Track and post designated payments/offerings as needed
● Deliver bills, invoices, bank statements, reimbursements, deposit slips, online giving  reports, etc. to CPA
● Receive cut checks from CPA and request signatures from Treasurer and Asst. Treasurer
● Tear off the bottom stub of checks and staple to the bill. Then, file them and copies of
autopayments in 2nd file drawer
● Oncechecks have two signatures (Building Fund only needs one) mail them
● Update Stats in Excel
● Update Designated Funds in Excel
● Update Payment in Excel   

 As Needed 

● Send bankstatements to CPA then file in gray binder in top left drawer in desk

    - General Fund and Building Funf come monthly
    - Emergency Fund and Rental Deposits come quarterly

● Request Budget Report from CPA to pass of to Finance Committee

    - Quarterly Report will be available for church body at Business Meeting

● ManageOneCall and MailChimp system
● Havenewhires fill out employment paperwork and send to CPA with notes of when pay starts/pay rate/or if employee is leaving/their last day worked
● Print song chord sheets and Order of Worship as requested by Worship Leader
● Maintain membership log when there is not church clerk
● Maintain info on church roster as much as possible
● Request CPA to pay out quarterly support-KBC, TCBA, Basically Blessed, etc.
● Support staff and leaders with requests of printing, phone calls, online orders, rotation
schedules, etc.
● Take Benevolence Requests, fill out an application, verify need (call landlord or utility co.) and pass info to the Chairman of Deacons. Once a decision is made, notify applicant
and recipient. Request CPA to cut the check.
● Handle postage and church mailings
● Keepevents on church calendar
● Ensure that form is filled out for church facility usages
● Schedule and coordinate that church is locked and unlocked for church reservations
● Distribute charge cards to members that are making purchases on behalf of the church
and track use of them
● Print Sunday Tithe Count slips when Sunday counters run out
Yearend/New Year
● Organize and consolidate church files in preparation for upcoming year
   - Tax Info
   - Contribution Statements
   - Misc. Requests
   - Etc.
● SendContribution Statements to church body
● MailW2s

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